A career guidance tool for working with teenagers

Compass of Emerging Jobs

A board game to help schoolchildren find their way.
Compass of Emerging Jobs
Тraining game for teenagers from age 10 to model the trajectory of professional development from school to emerging job.

The player character lives his life from the age of 13 to 40 in one hour. His tasks include getting a profession, supporting himself financially, while not "sagging" in his life balance (friends, health and family are also important).
How do children find THEIR profession?
According to calculations by specialists from Skolkovo,
by 2030 the domestic labor market will get rid of 57 quite successful today's professions, which will be replaced by new 186 specialties.
A lot of time, effort, and resources will be spent on child's education.
How to make sure it is not wasted?
For whom is the game designed?
Compass of Emerging Jobs - a universal tool for working with teenagers
For school
Use the game for career guidance lessons and extracurricular activities. The game can be played in several groups, which adds a competitive element.
For leisure centers
An interesting pastime, a game of chance and serious work in the field of children's career guidance based on scientific research and expert foresights.
For the family
Playing with parents improves mutual understanding in the family. It is an opportunity to find an answer to the child's question "What to be"?
For children's technology parks
Youth Innovation Activity Centers use "Compass" as a tool for starting career guidance for adolescents.

The game was also held as part of the WorldSkills championship.
For children's camps
Playing at camp with peers develops friendships - a great way to get to know each other.
For universities and colleges
Preparation for university becomes much more effective when the child has made a conscious choice of profession. Higher education institutions, with the help of Compass, set future students up for motivated work.
What's the benefit?
Participants will be able to make informed assumptions about the trajectory of adolescent development, taking into account supraprofessional skills, labor market risks, and their own interests
Get to know the professions of the future through the game. See the impact of new technologies on the labor market. Learn to assess the prospects of a profession.
Learn what supraprofessional skills he/she will need to develop in order to work successfully.
Get a tool to talk to your child about the professions of the future. Will be able to develop a hypothesis together with the teenager about what he or she wants to become and what it takes to do it.
Will receive a ready-made tool for long-term career guidance throughout the year. The material is prepared in a lively, interactive form. Will be able to form students' attitude towards school as a springboard to adulthood.
Innovative tool
The game "Compass of New Professions" was developed by the team of the School of Achievement go.i3.school

The point is that a schoolchild needs to have an idea of the future in which he will have to study and work. You can orientate yourself and train now the skills and abilities that will be necessary for a specialist in demand in a rapidly changing world! The game allows you to simulate a career, creates motivation for learning, and prompts you how to effectively use your time for development.
The finer points of the game
Win and not become a workaholic.
Choosing a profession
Children help their character develop 21st-century skills. What professions will disappear in the future and what new professions will appear? What to prepare for, who to study for, so as not to waste time and money?
They analyze their actions and predict the steps to success, and learn to cope with difficult life situations. In the game, as in the modern world, it is perfectly normal to change careers 2-3 times in the course of life.
Children will learn how to achieve balance in life and how important it is not to lose friends, health and family in the pursuit of money and professional fulfillment.
Gain skills for effective interaction with peers and adults. Parents get to hear what their teenage children think about it, and children get to hear from adults with their own life experiences.
How to play?
In detail, where to start, what the goal is, how to make moves, variants, developments of events,
what is the effect and benefit.
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Mentors about the Compass of Emerging Jobs
  • Dmitry Sudakov
    In creating the game kit, the developers took into account the experience of teachers who had created similar lessons on their own. Based on successful examples of teachers-innovators, they prepared not individual lessons, but systematized knowledge and materials on all sectors of the economy, so that teachers could use them in lessons to engage children, to provide career guidance, so that students think about the future, about what they want to become, and want to try new things.
  • Vadim Polyuga
    The game helps participants build their professional profile based on the skills acquired, lay a conscious life trajectory from age 13 to 40, and practice group decision-making strategies and tactics. "Compass" is already being used by general education teachers in some schools, including schools abroad. Children learn about the professions that will be in demand in 20 years, as well as how to prepare for them now. We release our game in a box so that any school can play it, whether we can conduct it in person or not.
  • Anton Sidelnikov
    After the game, the children confessed that the New Professions Compass helped them better understand adult decisions. They had never even considered before what they would be doing in 10 or 30 years. Perhaps for the first time they understood that health is important, and to get a good job you have to study a lot. Play provides practical life experience. When we advise our children, for example, learn math - it will come in handy, they don't understand it. It's easier to play a game with them. Personal experience is much more valuable to them than any instruction.
  • Konstantin Zaitsev
    Game Design Workshop
    For adults - parents and teachers - the New Profession Compass helps to channel children's energy in a constructive way. "Kids in adolescence don't have an internal request, they don't know where to apply their energies. And an educator can create an environment and help them with experiences in which the kids themselves begin to understand what direction they can develop now."
  • Natalia Harding
    We became interested in finding out what new professions would be "in demand," to give our children food for thought on the topic of choosing a future profession. We believe that the "Compass for New Professions" can become a universal tool for identifying opportunities and options for future educational and career paths for our high school students. In the game children will be able to choose a specialty, then "change their mind" and play a new scenario of their development, gaining valuable experience and learning what it costs," the school explained. The game is designed more for the Russian educational system and will have to make adjustments to take into account the peculiarities of the educational and career guidance system in Great Britain.
  • Oksana Imvo
    After the game is over, there are many topics for discussion: the correctness of the decisions made, correction of the game strategy for the next round, a change of character and discussion of what else it could be. And the greatest wish that arises after the game is to play with children, to watch how their decisions and strategies are born and how the life path of their characters develops, in which, no doubt, there will be much from themselves. The game is exciting, you want to return to it more than once.
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Compass of Emerging Jobs
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